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$499.99 - $599.99

Speed combined with our patented I-Glide technology is a deadly combination when it comes to the Torrent advantages. The shorter brace height and new Fluid Cam gives hunters the extra speed they are looking for without sacrificing smoothness and accuracy. The addition of Quest's patented pending I-Glide reduces torque on the cables and improves smoothness throughout the draw cycle. Draw your own conclusions.


FLUID CAM The Fluid Cam features a rotating module that allows you to switch the draw length without a bow press and with only one module. The design behind the Fluid Cam was to create a smooth and consistent draw cycle so hunters can enjoy shooting their hunting setup year round.

FORGED MACHINED 6061 ALUMINUM RISERS Accuracy starts with a stable platform and a forged CNC machined riser is the first step to the perfect bow. All Quest bows feature a forged 6061 aluminum riser, creating one of the most durable and accurate risers on the market.

PIVOTING LIMB POCKETS CNC-machined limb pockets that pivot to create a stable and consistent platform.

ADJUSTABLE STRING STOP The adjustable string suppression system from Quest reduces string noise and vibration for superior, silent performance in all bowhunting conditions.

BOWJAX Industry leading Bowjax Limb Dampeners reduce shot noise and limb vibration.

DURAFUSE FINISH Our patented process provides extreme durability and incredible image quality throughout every inch of your Quest bow.

SPEED STUDS Every bowhunter in the world wants a little more speed without sacrificing comfort in their bow. With Quest, they can have just that with the aid of Dual-Purpose Speed Studs. The Speed Studs work to add up to 10 feet per second of arrow speed while secondly acting as a peep sight tuner.

BCY 452X STRINGS AND CABLES This high-performing material creates a string that has no stretch or creep while producing one of the most reliable strings in the industry.


  • Speed: 322 FPS
  • Weight: 4.2 LBS
  • Brace Height: 7"
  • Axle to Axle: 31"
  • Draw Length: 25.5" - 30" (Half Inch Increments)
  • Pounds: 50, 60, 70

Standard Finishes

  • Realtree AP

Custom GFade™ Finish Options

  • G-Fade Realtree AP
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